• Why Customer Safety Can Depend on Repairing Potholes

    If you are the owner of a commercial establishment, it is very important to make sure that your asphalt is properly maintained. When you watch this video, you will take a look at the dangers that can be posed by potholes and other pavement maintenance issues. In the event that a person trips and falls in a pothole, he or she could experience a devastating injury.

    To make sure that your asphalt is in safe condition for all of your customers to use, be sure to get in touch with Cactus Asphalt. Our team offers quality pavement repair in Phoenix , and we can help you make sure that your pavement does not become damaged over time. Call (623) 344-7675 to schedule parking lot repair for your commercial business.

  • Pavement Repairs That Can Make Your Property More Appealing

    Pavement maintenance is an essential part of making sure that your commercial property is inviting to your current and prospective clients. If your driveway, parking lot, or sidewalk is covered in cracks, chips, and potholes, your customers may be less inclined to provide you with business. Fortunately, an asphalt repair company can help you restore your damaged pavement to great condition. Here is a look at some pavement repairs that can help to boost the curb appeal of your property.

    Crack Sealing

    Over time, the pavement around your property may start to lose its structural integrity. When asphalt becomes too weak to support its own weight, it will develop unsightly cracks. A pavement maintenance company will be able to seamlessly fill in cracks in your asphalt. After your crack sealing procedure is complete, your asphalt cracks will be completely gone from sight.

    Pothole Removal

    Your customers are sure to be frustrated if they find that your driveway or parking lot is covered in potholes. In fact, potholes can cause severe damage to the suspension system of a vehicle. To ensure that your customers are not deterred from parking on your property, you will want to make sure that you have your potholes removed and filled.

    Erosion Repair

    Asphalt erosion can be caused by water damage and prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions. When your asphalt becomes severely eroded, its surface will develop an unsightly and uneven appearance. To fix your eroded asphalt, your pavement repair company may need to completely cover the surface of your parking lot with brand new pavement.

    If you are struggling to maintain the quality and appearance of your pavement, contact Cactus Asphalt. We are proud to be a highly rated asphalt company in Phoenix , and we can provide you with crack sealing, seal coating, and new asphalt installation services. To set up a consultation with our team of pavement repair professionals, give us a call at (623) 344-7675.

  • Get a Look at How Asphalt Is Made

    Asphalt is a natural byproduct of the crude oil refinement process. In this video, you will take a look at the steps of how asphalt is made. Once liquid asphalt has been collected from the petroleum facility, it will be combined with crushed aggregate. Using heavy duty crushers, a pavement manufacturer refines solid rock into smaller pieces. The crushed aggregate and liquid asphalt are combined to create a durable paving material.

    If you are in need of asphalt paving near Phoenix, be sure to get in touch with Cactus Asphalt. Our company proudly provides a range of asphalt and concrete services, and we can help you plan a quality asphalt installation for your property. Call us at (6230 344-7671 to schedule an asphalt paving appointment today.

  • Common Pavement Problems That Patching Can Resolve

    Asphalt paving is designed to be extremely resistant to wear and tear over the months and years. However, even the best pavement installation may start to show signs of age over time. When you find that your asphalt has surface issues, you may want to consider scheduling a pavement patching service . Here is a look at some common pavement problems that can be solved by patching.

    Lost Surface Aggregate

    When your asphalt company installs new pavement around your building, they will complete the installation procedure by applying a layer of surface aggregate. Commonly, this top layer of surface aggregate can start to deteriorate over time. Once the aggregate has begun to deteriorate, you may notice that your pavement starts to have an uneven surface. With a partial pavement patch, you can restore lost aggregate and return your pavement to beautiful cosmetic condition once again.

    Significant Deterioration

    If you wait on performing pavement repairs, you may start to find that your paved surface is showing signs of deterioration across its entire surface. When significant deterioration has occurred, it may be time to consider a full depth pavement patch. During a full depth pavement patch service, your technicians will restore the entire surface area of your asphalt. Once your patch has been completed, you will find that your pavement looks brand new again.

    Cracks and Chips

    Minor cracks and chips are also a common pavement problem. If you want to repair cracks and chips in your pavement, but do not want to embark on a complete repaving procedure, patching may be the ideal service for your needs. A sturdy pavement patch can completely restore the cracked or chipped area and leave your pavement in pristine shape.

    For additional information about your pavement maintenance options , contact Cactus Asphalt by calling (623) 344-7671. Our company offers quality services for asphalt paving near Phoenix, and we will help you make sure that your asphalt installation remains in beautiful shape throughout the years. We look forward to providing you with quality pavement maintenance procedures.