• Spotlight on Early Road Building in America

    America’s roads connect our cities and allow businesses to easily ship their goods from state to state. In this video from Discerning History, you will learn about the process of road building that was used in the earliest years of our country’s history.

    To prevent mud on their roads, the early Americans created corduroy roads, which were made out of timbers. The invention of asphalt made roads much more stable and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

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  • Exploring the Advantages of Crack Sealing

    When you are seeking a highly effective form of pavement maintenance for your property, you might want to consider scheduling crack sealing services . Unlike full asphalt replacement, crack sealing will allow you to protect the surface of your pavement, without the need to tear it out. If you are wondering about what type of asphalt maintenance procedure will be right for your needs, read on for a look at the advantages of crack sealing.

    Extend Pavement Lifespan

    One of the top advantages of crack sealing is that this type of procedure can dramatically extend the lifespan of your pavement. When your pavement starts to crack and chip on the surface, it is only a matter of time before it needs to be replaced altogether. By setting up crack sealing at the first sign of damage, you can save thousands of dollars on the cost of replacing your pavement.

    Protect Pavement Subgrade

    When a contractor installs pavement on your property, he will begin the procedure by pouring a durable subgrade. In order to preserve the quality and structural integrity of the subgrade, it is necessary to make sure that it is protected from water damage. Crack sealing services will prevent moisture from penetrating the pavement and damaging the subgrade beneath.

    Avoid Costly Maintenance Fees

    Overall, crack sealing is among the most cost effective types of pavement maintenance that you can perform on your property. When compared to seal coating and other services, crack sealing is extremely affordable. You will find that crack sealing provides you with a terrific return on your investment over time.

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  • Signs That Your Property Could Benefit from Additional Paving

    Asphalt is an extremely durable material that is used to construct paved surfaces. Whether you are moving into a new commercial space or want to renovate your existing property, you will want to carefully consider whether an asphalt company could help you meet your pavement requirements. With additional paving, you can expand your parking lot and create other useful spaces around your building. Here is a look at three signs that your property could benefit from additional paving.

    Your Parking Lot Is Too Small

    If your customers are unable to find convenient parking when they visit your property, they may be less likely to provide you with business. A cramped parking lot can cause stress and anxiety for customers and employees, alike. Additional paving procedures can be used to expand your parking lot and create more parking stalls for your customers to use.

    Your Current Pavement Is Damaged

    When you are considering whether additional paving is needed for your property, you may also want to inspect the quality and condition of your existing paved surfaces. Pavement that shows signs of cracking or chipping will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Waiting to fix your broken pavement could cost you more in the long run.

    Your Property Is Expanding

    As your business becomes more successful, you may find yourself acquiring adjacent lots around your property line. In order to transform unused lots into functional spaces, you will need to create paved roads and parking lots. Your asphalt company can help you create a paving plan that meets the requirements of your contractors.

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