Asphalt Blending 101

If you don’t work for an asphalt company , you might have no idea what asphalt blending is. It’s helpful to understand this concept, however, because it can bring quite a few advantages to your project. Keep reading and find out what asphalt blending is, what it can bring to your operation, and who to talk to about this kind of service.

What It Is

Asphalt is a wonderful material, but sometimes it can be beneficial to combine it with other materials. Asphalt blending is the process of combining asphalt with rubber to create an asphalt rubber binder. There are quite a few different ways to go about this process, and as long as you work with the right asphalt company, you can expect the operation to be up and running in as little as 24 hours after arrival. It’s extremely important that the ingredients are cooked at the proper temperature, as well as carefully measured.

How It Helps

In order to ensure that your asphalt is up to par, you can mix or blend it with other elements to improve its quality and consistency. You always want to have optimal quality and consistency when working with asphalt, and blending can get the job done. However, there are other ways that asphalt blending can help, as well. You can mix asphalt with many other types of additives depending on how much time you have to dry the mixture. Some additives will even affect the color or the odor of your asphalt.

Who Does It

If you’re in need of asphalt blending services, you’ll have to talk to an asphalt company. This is not the type of project you can complete by yourself, so you should check out your local asphalt companies and find out who would be best to work with.

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