• Tips for Promoting the Longevity of Your Pavement

    The longevity of your pavement starts with the asphalt company that you choose to work with. You have to be concerned with the installation process, make prompt repairs whenever necessary, and maintain your investment at regular intervals. Continue ahead for tips for promoting the longevity of your pavement.


    It’s not impossible to pull off asphalt installation on your own, but it’s a lot more comfortable if you work with the professionals. In fact, you should work with an asphalt company throughout your entire project if you can. If you want your pavement to hold up for as long as possible, you need to start with the asphalt installation process. Your trained and experienced experts can help you with the asphalt installation process, so your pavement will last for years. Proper installation sets the stage for a long working life for your pavement.


    Asphalt paving isn’t necessarily cheap, so you should do what you can to keep it in top shape for as long as you can. Timely pavement repair prevents additional problems from springing up, so you can focus on the task at hand rather than thinking about future repairs that you might need. Leaving a problem and letting it develop will only cause more serious damage, which means you’ll need to pay more to restore your investment. Promote the longevity of your pavement by repairing any asphalt problems as soon as you notice them.


    If you don’t want to wait until your asphalt is in peril to fix it, then pavement maintenance is the way to go. This keeps you ahead of the problems that you’ll likely deal with regarding your pavement, so you can fix them before they develop into more serious issues. Regular maintenance helps you prevent the need for major asphalt and pavement repair.

    For more tips on keeping your pavement in shape during the long run, contact Cactus Asphalt or check out our website. Our concrete services include construction maintenance, parking lot repair, and asphalt installation serving Phoenix, AZ. Feel free to call us at (623) 344-7675 to see how we can help you.

  • The Importance of Preventative Road Maintenance

    Our nation’s roadways help to power our economy. In this video from the National Center for Pavement Preservation, you will learn about why preventative road maintenance is so important. To prevent our roadways from rapid decline, it is essential to perform preventative pavement maintenance at routine intervals. Fixing asphalt before it has become too damaged is one effective way to keep our roadways safe and functional.

    If you have an asphalt surface that is in need of maintenance, contact Cactus Asphalt by calling (623) 344-7675. Our company specializes in building and maintaining pristine pavement near Phoenix , and we will be happy to provide you with all of the services that are needed to protect your asphalt pavement from excessive wear and tear.

  • Making Your Asphalt Last with Seal Coating

    If your asphalt paving has started to crack and chip, there is a good chance that it is getting damaged by exposure to the elements. To protect your asphalt from sun, wind, and rain damage, it is a good idea to schedule seal coating services. With asphalt seal coating, your pavement repair technicians will apply a durable, weatherproof seal to the surface of your asphalt. This seal will be designed to bond directly with the surface of your pavement, and it will prevent UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and water from causing your asphalt to crack, chip, or fade.

    To hear all about the benefits of seal coating in Phoenix , get in touch with the team at Cactus Asphalt. Our company offers on-site asphalt construction services, and we will be able to apply a durable seal coat to your new or existing paved surface. Give us a call at 623-344-7675 to receive a free estimate for your seal coating project.

  • How to Choose Your Pavement Maintenance Provider

    Regular pavement maintenance will help keep your asphalt services looking their best . If you neglect your pavement, your asphalt may start to develop chips, cracks, and other unsightly forms of damage. A company that specializes in pavement maintenance can keep your asphalt looking and performing its best. These tips can help you choose a maintenance provider:

    Ask About Experience

    When you are choosing your maintenance provider, it’s a good idea to ask the company about how much experience they have in the industry. A crew of pavement workers that have only been working with asphalt for a couple of years may not have your desired level of knowledge and experience. Finding a highly experienced and dedicated pavement maintenance provider will ensure that you receive high quality services during all your procedures.

    Look for a Free Estimate

    Before you hire a pavement maintenance provider, you should be sure to ask them whether or not they are willing to provide you with a free estimate for their services. A highly reputable company will have no problem providing you with a free estimate before you book your maintenance appointment. After you have gotten your estimate, you will have a complete idea of your expected costs.

    Inquire About Available Services

    Ideally, you will want to hire a full service pavement maintenance company that is committed to caring for your paved services. A professional maintenance company will offer a full range of services, so you can rest assured that you can hire them to repair any issues that may arise between your regular appointments.

    If you are seeking a top-rated pavement maintenance company, look no further than Cactus Asphalt. For the past 3 decades, we have provided our customers with pristine pavement near Phoenix, and our experienced team will be happy to help you with your pavement repair needs. Give us a call at 623-344-7675 to schedule a pavement maintenance appointment for your property today.

  • Answering Your Questions About Asphalt Rubber

    When you are gearing up to perform an asphalt paving project for your property, you may want to ask the company you’re working with about the benefits of rubber chip sealing. Since this type of pavement can be prone to develop chips and other types of damage over the years, many property owners choose asphalt rubber chip sealing to protect their paved services. Let’s review some answers to common questions that you may have about asphalt rubber.

    What is asphalt rubber made from?

    If you have never worked with asphalt rubber before, you may have questions about the materials that are used to create this product. Asphalt rubber is a highly environmentally-friendly material that is composed of recycled rubber particles. A certain percentage of ground rubber is mixed with aggregate materials. After this mixture has been poured onto the surface of your asphalt, it will create an absorbent and durable membrane.

    What are the benefits of asphalt rubber?

    There are many distinct advantages of choosing to include asphalt rubber chip sealing with your paving project. Since asphalt rubber is made of recycled materials, it is a very environmentally-friendly option for your property. This material also sets very quickly, so you will be able to drive on your parking lot or driveway sooner than you would with other options. Your asphalt installation will also protect your pavement from damage.

    Who should install my asphalt rubber?

    Asphalt rubber can be installed by the same company that does your initial paving services. When you are looking for a company, you will want to find a business that has plenty of years of experience in the paving industry. An experienced team of technicians will know how to properly mix, apply, and cure the asphalt rubber sealcoat that will go on the surface of your bare asphalt.

    For more information about asphalt rubber, call Cactus Asphalt at 623-344-7675. With services from our asphalt company in Phoenix, you are sure to be thrilled with the results of your asphalt rubber chip sealing installation.

  • Understanding Risk Management

    As a business owner, it is important to create a risk management protocol for your company. In this video, you will learn some simple structures that can help you create a risk management process. To prevent the risk of slips and falls on your property, for example, it is important to schedule regular pavement maintenance. By identifying potential risks, you will have an easier time keeping your workers and customers safe.

    At Cactus Asphalt, we can provide you with quality asphalt paving near Phoenix . When you hire our parking lot repair company, you can rest assured that your asphalt installation is durable enough to protect against many different kinds of risks. To learn more about our paving process, call us at 623-344-7675.

  • What Every Property Owner Should Know About Asphalt Maintenance

    You shoul d be sure to maintain any investment that you put money into, and your asphalt is no different. Proper maintenance can give your aesthetics a boost and make your property safer, and all you need to do is find the right asphalt company to work with. Continue reading for more on what every property owner should know.

    How It Affects Aesthetics

    Whether you own a commercial property or a residential home, you’ll probably want to keep your curb appeal in mind. In both of these cases, asphalt and pavement maintenance can work wonders. In the case of a commercial building, you may have a large parking lot surrounding your business. Since it takes up so much space and can likely be seen from the road, you should make sure it looks nice. Asphalt maintenance will make your pavement more appealing, improving the curb appeal of your property as a whole.

    What It Does for Safety

    Asphalt isn’t perfect, and it might give in to blemishes over time. Unfortunately, this can take away from more than your aesthetics, and it can create a safety hazard. Small cracks in your asphalt will only grow if they’re left unchecked, and they can develop into much more serious problems. If someone trips over a crack in your parking lot and sustains an injury, you’ll have to deal with it. Pavement maintenance takes care of these cracks and helps keep your property safe.

    Who Can Help You

    You’ll need some help when it comes to pavement maintenance. A legitimate asphalt company will be trained and experienced, and they’ll offer you an estimate before getting to work. You can trust the professionals to get the job done right, so you can focus on anything else that your property might need.

    When you’re in need of a quality asphalt company in Phoenix, AZ, be sure to call Cactus Asphalt at (623) 344-7671. It’s our job to offer only top-notch construction maintenance services, so go ahead and visit our website or come in and meet with us to see what we can do for you today.

  • The Importance of Seal Coating Pavement

    You want your pavement to last as long as it can, which means you’ll have to afford it some pavement maintenance. Seal coating is a great idea because it protects your investment and extends its working life. Watch this video on the importance of seal coating pavement.

    It’s a good idea to have your pavement seal coated every 2 or 3 years. When you don’t, it will be more vulnerable to elements like traffic, the weather, and oxidation, which can each break the pavement down. Seal coating prevents cracks from forming and helps to keep your pavement intact for as long as possible. It’s wise to seal coat your pavement immediately to enjoy the full benefits.

    For more tips on pavement maintenance serving Phoenix, AZ, talk to the professionals at Cactus Asphalt. Seal coating is one of our specialties, so visit our website or call our asphalt installation company at 623.344.7675.

  • Improve the Function of Your Facility with New Pavement Installation

    When you have a facility that other people use, you have to be concerned with how it operates. You might not realize how important asphalt paving can be for the comfort, safety, and durability of your facility, but upgrading can bring significant advantages. Feel free to read ahead and see how you can improve your facility with new pavement.

    Smoother Parking Lots

    If your facility has had the exact same parking lot for decades, it might be a little cut up. New asphalt paving will be much smoother, and it won’t have all of the little cracks and blemishes that your old parking lot had. Customers will enjoy driving on the smooth new asphalt rather than feeling like they’re off-roading just to find a parking spot. You can also visually tell the difference between new and old asphalt, so you can expect your new parking lot to offer a boost to your cosmetic appeal.

    Safer Property

    Old asphalt tends to get choppy, which can actually pose a threat to your safety. You don’t want customers tripping over your sidewalks and hurting themselves, and you don’t want anyone’s car to become damaged due to potholes on your property. When you hire an asphalt company to lay down new pavement, you won’t have to worry about these concerns for a while. If you continue to maintain your asphalt properly, you might never have to worry about them at all.

    Extended Working Life

    You need to stay on top of your finances if you want your facility to function optimally. If you’re constantly repairing your existing asphalt, you’re using money that could be saved for something else. When you go with a new asphalt pavement installation and stick to proper maintenance, you can expect your investment to last for years.

    Are you interested in using asphalt near Phoenix, AZ to make your facility more functional ? Contact Cactus Asphalt or head over to our website. From pavement repair to seal coating, we can be of help. If you’d like to learn more about us, give us a call at 623.344.7675.

  • Give Your Parking Lot a Lift with Fresh Striping

    Your parking lot is one of the first features that your customers will encounter when they visit your business. If your parking lot is starting to look dingy or worn out, you may want to talk to your asphalt company about redoing your striping. Fresh parking lot stripes can dramatically boost the appeal of your parking lot, while also providing your customers with clear directions as they park and navigate your space. With services from an experienced asphalt company, you can create fresh new parking lot stripes that are beautiful and precise.

    To schedule parking lot repair or striping for your commercial business, contact Cactus Asphalt. We offer quality pavement repair in Phoenix, and we will help you transform your parking lot into a beautiful and appealing space. Give us a call at (623) 344-7675 to hear more about the terrific advantages of working with our experienced parking lot maintenance professionals.