• Spotlight on Seal Coating

    It can be quite pleasant to live in a place like Phoenix where the sun shines nearly every day of the year. While you might like the constant sunshine, it can take a toll on your pavement. UV exposure and excess heat can damage your pavement over time, and without the proper protection, your pavement will break down prematurely. Instead of investing in new asphalt before your current surface’s lifespan is over, consider how seal coating can benefit you. Seal coating creates a protective barrier for your asphalt against sun, heat, and the wear and tear of vehicular traffic. Keep reading to learn more about seal coating.

    Seal Coating at a Glance

    Pavement maintenance is an essential part of making your parking lot or driveway safe and smooth for drivers as well as pedestrians. Once your asphalt has been installed, you can have a seal coat applied. The seal coat is made of a clay-stabilized, mineral-filled asphalt emulsion combined with tire rubber, and is applied directly to your pavement. You can have a seal coat applied even if your asphalt is not new and still experience the same benefits.

    Benefits of Seal Coating

    The main benefit of seal coating your pavement is that it will help it last longer. Over time, pavement can be damaged from UV rays, and will lose oils and aggregate. With a professionally applied seal coat, your pavement will look better for many years to come, and you can save money on having to prematurely replace your asphalt.

    When to Get Seal Coating

    Now that you know a little more about seal coating, you may be wondering when you should get it. Check your pavement for signs of damage, such as cracks or fading from black to gray. If you see sand around the corners of your parking lot area, this can also be a sign that it’s time to have your pavement seal coated.

    Call Cactus Asphalt at (623) 344-7671 to find out how we can help you slow down the aging process of your asphalt pavement. Seal coating in Phoenix AZ can help extend your pavement’s lifespan and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Top Tips for Maintaining Your Pavement

    While pavement may not be the first thing on your mind as a property owner, the condition of your parking lot can greatly affect the impression your visitors get when they drive onto your premises. A parking lot that is cracked, chipped, or full of potholes is more difficult to navigate in a car and on foot, and can give others a negative impression of your operation. That’s why pavement maintenance from a reliable asphalt pavement company is essential. Pavement maintenance helps extend the life of your pavement, and will produce a better aesthetic appearance as well. Keep reading to find out the best ways to maintain your pavement.

    Regular Cleaning

    Your pavement takes a beating, and is subject to the elements as well as oil, wear, and tear from cars that drive over it. Take time out every few weeks to clean your pavement, using a blower to do away with bits of debris including glass and loose pieces of asphalt aggregate. Sweep your parking lot regularly, as this will not only keep your pavement in better condition, but will also give you a chance to evaluate the condition of your pavement. Debris can hide in cracks and cover them up, which can lead to more serious pavement problems.

    Crack Sealing

    If you have pavement, eventually you will have cracks. Crack sealing helps prevent serious problems with your pavement, as water can get into cracks and damage the foundation. Even if you have only small cracks, have your asphalt company evaluate if you need crack sealing, and what type might be right for you.

    Seal Coating

    Traffic, sun exposure, and moisture can all age your pavement if you do not maintain it properly. Seal coating helps prolong the life of your pavement, protecting it from these exposures. If your asphalt is turning gray, has cracks forming, or the surface sand is wearing down, seal coating may be the right pavement maintenance choice for you.

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